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Erudaitius Law, PC: Dimitry Erudaitius, Esq. Passes the October 2023 Certified Legal Specialist Examination

Erudaitius Law, PC is a law firm that is one step closer to having a Certified Specialist who provides legal representation that clients can trust and rely on.

Erudaitius Law, PC ( announced that it Dimitry F. Erudaitius, Esq. has successfully passed the October 2023 Certified Legal Specialist Examination. Administered by the California Board of Legal Specialization, this significant achievement reinforces Erudaitius Law, PC’s dedication to providing the highest standard of representation in family law. The actual certification is expected to come in June of 2024 as soon as Mr. Erudaitius has reached the time required by the state bar to issue a specialist certificate.

The Certified Legal Specialist Examination is an important assessment that evaluates a law firm’s knowledge and understanding of key laws, rules, and procedures within a specialty area. Specializing in family law, Erudaitius Law, PC's success in this exam showcases its proficiency in handling complex family law matters.

The exam comprises detailed essay and multiple-choice questions that are designed to challenge the depth of an attorney’s expertise. By excelling in this exam, Erudaitius Law, PC has demonstrated its capability to handle sensitive and intricate issues as well as what a certified specialist can offer.  Dimitry F. Erudaitius, Esq. further showcases his dedication to excellence by passing the exam early, i.e. Dimitry sat for the exam in his 4th year of practice, prior to the 5 year mark that is required for an attorney to become certified as a specialist. 

For its clients, this certification will mean that they can feel even more confident in the firm's ability to navigate the challenging landscapes of divorce, child custody, spousal support, and other related family law issues. Potential and existing clients can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that they will be represented by a firm that has been validated by a reputable governing body.


About Erudaitius Law, PC

The firm was founded by Dimitry F. Erudaitius, a seasoned attorney with a rich background as a first responder before entering the legal field. Erudaitius Law, PC brings a unique perspective to legal representation and handles all cases with knowledge, care, and compassion. They understand that family law matters are deep personal issues that can impact every aspect of a person’s life.


Areas of Legal Expertise:

  • Divorce: They handle everything from the separation of property to spousal support, ensuring that clients receive a fair and equitable resolution. They manage the entire process, safeguarding clients from any potential inequities.

  • Child Custody & Visitation: They advocate passionately for custody arrangements that prioritize the best interests of the children, acknowledging their resilience while protecting their well-being during such transitions.

  • Restraining Orders: They provide robust representation to ensure that protective orders are used appropriately – whether a client needs one for safety or need defense against one being used unjustly.

  • Child Support, Spousal Support, and More: They strive for fairness in all support orders, balancing the needs of children and former spouses with fairness and integrity.

Dimitry’s extensive experience, both in and out of the courtroom, along with his personal commitment as a father and family man, enriches his ability to relate to and advocate for his clients.

Whether it’s handling a complex divorce or negotiating custody terms, Dimitry and our team at Erudaitius Law, PC bring both legal expertise and a profound understanding of the human elements at play.


Contact Information:

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