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Child Custody and Visitation Lawyer in San Diego, CA


Best Interests of the Child is a legal standard that prioritizes the well-being, safety, and overall welfare of the child. Courts consider factors such as the child's physical and emotional health, stability of the home environment, each parent's ability to provide care, and the child's relationship with each parent. The best interests of the child are always the highest priority in child custody and visitation cases. 

This principle is one of the driving factors that make our child custody and visitation lawyer in San Diego work round the clock to present a compelling case on your behalf. We focus on vital factors that see the best interest of a child, such as: 

  • Child’s Health and Safety: Ensuring the child’s physical and emotional well-being is paramount.

  • Stability and Continuity: Advocating for a living arrangement that provides stability and continuity in the child's life.

  • Parent-Child Relationship: Preserving a healthy and nurturing relationship with both parents whenever possible.


A Move Away Request in child custody involves one parent seeking court permission to relocate with the child to a new geographical location, often impacting visitation arrangements. Courts evaluate factors such as the child's best interests, the reason for the move, and how it may affect the non-moving parent's relationship with the child. 

Our experienced child custody and visitation lawyer in San Diego tackles this complex challenge by meticulously considering various factors such as:

  • Impact on Child’s Best Interests: We thoroughly evaluate and prioritize factors that contribute to the child's overall well-being, including emotional and physical needs, stability, and any special considerations.

  • Parental Capabilities: Assessment of each parent's capabilities, providing insight into their ability to fulfill the child's needs, create a nurturing environment, and foster a healthy parent-child relationship.

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