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Handling your divorce from start to finish, so you don't have to.

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Getting through military divorce is quite a task since this divorce has additional factors like military rules and regulations and federal laws. Given how tough military life is and adding on the divorce, most clients end up in difficult life situations that sometimes end up catastrophic in worse-case scenarios.

Erudaitius Law’s divorce lawyer in San Diego has all it takes to handle any military case under the sun. Extensive knowledge and understanding put our attorney ahead of the rest in handling military divorce issues including jurisdiction, military retirement benefits, and child custody arrangements. We offer legal assistance in understanding how challenging military divorce is.


Mediation serves as a viable alternative to traditional divorce proceedings, offering couples an alternative when they are exploring options beyond divorce and actively seeking assistance in reaching agreements on specific issues. Rather than engaging in the adversarial nature of divorce, mediation provides a cooperative and facilitated process where both parties can collaboratively work towards mutually acceptable resolutions.

Erudaititius Law plays an exceptional third-party role in mediating over couples who are looking for a divorce. Our meditation services are based on core factors: communication and cooperation, which eventually lead to a fruitful outcome. We professionally carry out the mediation discussion, considering all ideas and suggestions from the couples while reducing emotional and financial stress. 


High-net-worth divorce stands out as one of the most intricate and complex legal proceedings, requiring specialized attention due to the involvement of substantial assets and financial complexities. In these cases, the divorce process extends beyond standard considerations, encompassing intricate evaluations of diverse assets such as real estate, investments, businesses, and other high-value holdings.

Our divorce lawyer in San Diego, has all it takes to manage such a case, given the complexity of financial analysis and negotiations. In divorce cases of this nature, one of the principles put into action is the fair distribution of assets, keeping in mind the financial interests of our client. We pride ourselves on providing legal representation in high-net divorce cases and help with business valuations, property division, offshore assets, and tax implications.


The marital settlement agreement, a pivotal component of divorce proceedings, holds paramount significance in delineating various crucial aspects of the separation process. This comprehensive agreement encompasses child support, spousal support, property distribution, asset division, debt allocation, and other important matters for the dissolution of the marital union.

Our divorce lawyer in San Diego, helps clients develop a comprehensive marital settlement agreement that covers all their interests and priorities. Clients seeking such an agreement have no room for doubt since Erudaitius Law must ensure what is covered under the agreement is legal and practical and assures the clients’ of security after the divorce.

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